Services & Specialties

We provide a wide array of data analysis and policy development services for political organizations and campaigns. 

Polling Surveys

Creation, Execution and Analysis of Polling Surveys

 Since 2016 we have offered polling and survey services - including survey creation, robocall survey programming,  email and text survey programming, survey results compilation, weighting, and analysis.  The polls we conduct are both highly accurate and extremely cost-competitive. 

IVR Phone Tree, Live Call, Text and Email Surveys

We conduct public opinion surveys utilizing a variety of methods in order to capture a well-distributed sample of the target population, including hard-to-reach demographics.  We configure IVR phone trees for automated robocall surveys on a variety of platforms.  We also configure and administer text and email surveys.

Comprehensive and Tracking Surveys

We work with clients to design surveys to your specifications and budgets.  We can create surveys of variable length,  including comprehensive surveys for a point-in-time sample, and tracking surveys for multiple uses to capture trends over time.

Samples of Work

Public Opinion Survey Privacy 

Our Public Opinion Survey Privacy policy can be found here

Public Policy

Creation of Model Legislation

Creation of template legislation for land use policy initiatives.

Creation of Ballot Initiative Measures

Development of policy language for comprehensive and specific land-use and municipal regulation policy initiatives. Our firm has over a decade of experience authoring, co-authoring, and reviewing land use policy ballot initiatives, including for counties, general law, and charter municipalities.

Ballot Arguments

Creation of ballot arguments for and against public policy measures.

Creation and Formatting of Signature Packets

Creation, formatting and technical review of signature packets for local and statewide ballot initiatives, including custom formats to meet charter city requirements.

Samples of Work

Encinitas Cannabis Business Initiative (Measure H) (2020)

Medical Marijuana Activity Zoning Ordinance of La Mesa (Measure U) (2016)

Election Data Analysis

Analysis of District Demographics

Production of graphical analysis and interpretive text of district demographics, including demographic categories of age group, gender, political orientation, educational level, race/ethnicity, language, and more...

Analysis of Past Election Results

Production of graphical analysis and interpretive text of past election results including by candidate, party, voter participation and comparison with voter registration demographics.

District Analysis Maps of Demographics and Results

Maps of election results by consolidated precinct and extrapolated to individual voter precincts by voter demographics and past election results.

Creation of Target Universes

Creation of target universes by demographic targets for voter mail, phoning and canvassing targets.  Determination of precinct priority targets for canvassing based on voter demographic and past election results criteria.  Mapping of precinct priorities and canvassing progress.

Samples of Work

78th Assembly 2020 Primary Election Results Analysis

Campaign Data Management

Administration of Voter Databases

Administration of voter universes, lists,  IDs, surveys questions, scripts, codes, mobile tools and third party systems integration in voter systems including  NGP Van/Voterbuilder, Political Data (PDI), and Nationbuilder.

Administration of Volunteer Databases

Administration of volunteer and donor databases including volunteer identification, volunteer management, scheduling of events and shifts, and email integration, in voter systems including  NGP Van/Voterbuilder, Political Data (PDI), and Nationbuilder.

Predictive Dialing and SMS Administration

We have provided predictive dialing and robocall administrative and programming services to political campaigns since 2014. We specialize in the administration of predictive dialer systems, including data import and export, system configuration, script creation and configuration, and analysis of results. 

Public Donor Data Integration

Donor data acquisition from federal, state, and local campaign finance disclosure systems. Integration of third-party phone numbers and emails, import of donor records into volunteer and donor database systems.